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Tender Notice –Power audit

IWPR Rwanda is a country office of its parent company, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting, headquartered in the UK and US. In Rwanda, IWPR provides a wide range of services and direct technical assistance.

Our lead implementing partner is the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and our funders are the Netherlands embassy and the Swedish embassy.

IWPR Rwanda is looking to outsource consultancy services from a specialized electrical engineer to carry out a power audit at IWPR offices:

The scope of work or terms of reference will focus on:

Make a list of the equipment that need to be powered by the generator
Provide a checklist of what needs to be assessed or tested and a detailed work plan and how long it will take to complete the assignment;
Assess the daily electricity use of all IWPR appliances: electrical, electronic and lighting;
Assess the generator’s capacity to establish its full power supply capacity and assess if its capacity does meet the IWPR electricity usage;
Calculate the total power requirements in KVA in order to calculate the accurate power requirements;
Carry out a risk assessment on the generator and the equipment connected to it;
Submit a detailed report of the findings and recommendations at the completion of the assignment. Your recommendations need to be based on the best practices that can be introduced for energy efficiency and conservation;
Conditions to apply for the tender:

Bidders should include the financial quote in the proposal;
Bidders should provide at least 2 recommendation letters or certificate of completion from their existing or past clientele;
Bidders should provide their company registration certificate and clearance certificate from RRA and RSSB;
Bidders should also provide a brief summary of the company profile.
The deadline of submitting the proposal is July 17th,2015 at 11:00 am Kigali time and should be sealed and deposited at IWPR Office located in Gacuriro at KG 415.

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Agaciro k'ifaranga - rwf

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Ifaranga Rigurwa Rigurishwa Ifaranga Rigurwa Rigurishwa
£ POUND 1030 1100 £ POUND 1030 1100
€ EURO 890 910 € EURO 890 910
$ USD 817 825 $ USD 817 825
CAD 560 610 CAD 560 610
KES 7.5 8.5 KES 7.5 8.5
TZS 0.25 0.42 TZS 0.30 0.45
RAND 40 50 RAND 30 40
UGX 0.20 0.30 UGX 0.20 0.30
FBu 0.25 0.37 FBu 0.30 0.37
Imigabane Igiciro cyo Hejuru Igiciro cyo Hasi Igiciro Bafungiyeho Ejo Hashize
BK 280 280 280 280
BLR 173 173 173 173
KCB - - 330 330
NMG - - 1200 1200
USL - - 104 104
EQTY - - 334 334
CTL 88 88 88 88